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“You have the best technical support I've ever received from any software company. Knowing I will get support like yours made it real easy to pay for the upgrade.”
— Bruce Frank

Support for Century Software products

Century Announces New Support Policy

As of February 4, 2013, Century will require that all desktop-licensed customers be on a maintenance and support agreement to receive live technical support. App Store purchases from the iOS App Store and Google Play are also not supported.

Support Ending for Version 4.65 and Prior

Live support will no longer be offered for TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus for Windows version 4.65 and prior.

Users of TinyTERM and TERM terminal emulation products enjoy some of the best technical support in the industry. We want you to be productive with our software, and if problems arise, help you resolve them quickly. Please use any of the following resources to find the answers you need.

Search the Knowledge Base

Our vast knowledge base includes solutions to common problems, as well as suggestions and tips for using our products. It is updated frequently, so check back often!



Our screencasts are a terrific place to find information to common issues or configuration problems.

View All of Our screencasts by clicking here.

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Product Upgrades & Registration

If you own a Century Software product, you can check for updates by visiting the link below.

You can also register your product to receive update notifications.

  • Software Updates

  • Product Registration - Register your Century Software product and receive update notifications for new releases.

  • Customer Portal - Monitor your TinyTERM products: evaluations, registered licenses, maintenance and renewal dates.

Phone & Email Support

Please call or email us if you are not able to find the information you're looking for above or for any remaining support issues or questions.

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